Ladies Only CCW & Firearms Courses

Ladies Only Firearm Courses - a different experience!

For over 8 years one of our most popular offerings has been the NFI Ladies Only Firearm Courses. These courses are taught in numerous locations throughout the State.

Basic Pistol Safety. This session is dedicated to the purchase, safe use, and all around discovery of the revolver and semi-automatic pistol.

CCW Laws. (CCW classes only) Learn the details of CCW laws, ethical responsibilities, and the history of the 2nd Amendment.

Range Training. Meet at the range for this comprehensive training session designed to give the Student the skills needed to employ their firearm in an effective manner. Students will need 100 cartridges and the items listed below to complete the range training. If the course does not mandate the use of an individual’s firearm to qualify for a CCW, many times the firearm and ammunition can be supplied for training.

The total training fees to attend the Ladies Only Firearms Courses always include range and target fees. To register clieck the button below and find a course in your area. If you have an unplanned event and cannot attend your scheduled course, no need to worry about losing your class fees or not completing your course, you can attend any other future course (including co-ed) to meet training requirements.

Range Training Packing List:

  • Firearm
  • 100 Cartridges
  • Closed Toed Shoes
  • Hand Towel
  • Eye Protection
  • Ear Protection
  • Please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page for more detailed information.

Join the NFI Instructional Staff for this very popular Ladies Only Course! Taught by our most experienced staff and focusing on the basics of personal protection this class is a great introduction to the California CCW and is specifically designed for ladies.

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